Bedroom Product Range

Jett 4 Drawer Storage Bed

Design meets functionality, soft contemporary styling combined with practical storage. 

Upholstered bedhead & base with 4 storage drawers, various configurations exist.


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Eleanor Contemporary Bed

Contemporary modern design filled with subtle classic elements. Finished in beautiful Victorian Ash fine timber. Available in many stains

Mayfair Bed

A touch of timber to complement proven basic design. Finished in Victorian Ash fine timber. Available in many stains

Hugo Gas Lift Storage Bed

Minimalist sleek design offered with unparalleled gas lift storage technology.

Upholstered Bed head & Gas lift bed system with huge storage potential.





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Finn Standard Bed

Simplicity refined, our entry level into the luxurious feel of upholstery.

Upholstered bedhead with pine timber slat bed.

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Gemini Bed

Classic, timeless and elegant.

Meticulous diamond pleating and buttoning bedhead with a deep deluxe slat base.

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Adelle Bed

Playful diamond buttoning, a step into our world of customisation.

Diamond stitching & buttoning, with our standard slat base.

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Venus Standard Gas Lift Bed

Comfort and practicality entwined through the soft feel of upholstery.

Thick padded bedhead with gas lift storage bed.

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Venus Curved Slimline Bed

Innovative modern design elements coupled with a subtle buttoned finish.

Upholstered bedhead attached to our slimline ensemble base. 

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Venus Scalloped Bed

A little bit of class, with a little bit of chic.

Upholstered bedhead with our deep deluxe slat base.

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Venus Ornate Diamond Pleated Bed

Beautiful tribute to classical design.

Ornate styled diamond pleating & buttoning with deep foam for extra cushioning.

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Venus Buttoned Diamond Pleated Bed

Modern sleek lines complemented by elegant classic upholstery.

Diamond pleating & buttoning on a Square bedhead with a deep deluxe slat base.

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